Ah, that unpredictable English summer. One week it’s gloomy clouds, the next it’s hotter than the Mediterranean. That means when the sun does shine, it’s time to get outside and soak up as much of it as possible! Enjoy a leisurely bike ride, go for a dip at your local lido, invite your friends round for a barbecue or take your lunch alfresco with a picnic.

Whether it’s a quiet solo picnic with a light lunch and a good book or a big gathering of friends and family at the park, here are some picnic ideas so you can dine in style, wherever you are!

Ditch the old blanket and upgrade to something cosier

cotton home check throwDon’t ruin the Instagrammable vibes of your next picnic by sitting on an old blanket that’s well past its prime. Opt for something soft and comfy like our Cotton Home Big Check Throw, with lovely earthy colours. For those hesitant to use an actual throw for a picnic (‘but what about spills or bugs or dirt stains?’), this one’s washing machine friendly.

Keep your beverages cold with a DIY cooler sleeve

No one likes sipping a warm beer or tepid glass of wine on a hot summer day, so make sure you keep your picnic drinks cold with a cooler sleeve – or, if you don’t have some, simply make your own! Wrap a wet tea towel around your bottle and pop it in the freezer until it’s time to head out to your picnic – this will help get your drinks chilled in a hurry.

Go eco-friendly and don’t use disposable dishes

Although it’s tempting to speed up the post-picnic clean up, plastic plates and cutlery are doing more damage than good to our environment. Go eco-friendly for your next picnic and bring your own dishes.

Harlequin Eglomise

Our Harlequin Eglomise dishes are perfect for dinner parties, picnics and everything in between. Pair with reusable cutlery, like our Aspira set. This is not only easier on the environment, it will considerably class up your picnic.

Swap out sandwiches and finger food

Tired of the same sandwiches? Switch things up and try a new recipe for your next picnic: how about a delicious summer chicken salad with a lovely pomegranate dressing?

Summer chicken salad

Or, if you fancy something a bit heartier, try our vegetable pappardelle with tomatoes and asparagus. Make sure you transport it in a container that will keep the dish warm, like our Joseph Joseph Cool Touch bowls.

Be prepared for anything

Although not the most glamorous of picnic items, it’s smart to have these essentials on hand – just so you’re prepared for any picnicking occasion (or accident). Pop these in your basket before your next outing:

  • Hand sanitiser (or a small packet of sanitising wipes)
  • Travel-size bottle of sun cream (we’ve all been there: completely losing track of time and turning into a lobster…)
  • Bottle opener / corkscrew
  • Plasters (in case of emergency)
  • Plenty of napkins

So there you have it – all the ingredients to build a perfect picnic. Now all you have to do is decide where to go….