An ever-popular combination, black and gold continues to make a powerful statement in our homes. From walls to accessories, floors to sofas, there is no part of your home where you can’t embrace this dramatic trend. We show you how to transform your home into a sleek and sophisticated place even Cleopatra would be jealous of.


Combining black and gold on your sofa may seem like a brave choice, but our Fitzrovia collection keeps it versatile with the pattern detailing and cosy pillow back. This looks fantastic against a dramatic black wall, surrounded by gold details. If you’re looking to incorporate this trend into your bedroom, a black, or at least very darkly coloured, bed frame will create a fantastic canvas for this trend. Go all out and use black and gold wallpaper if you want something a bit more unique.

Viscount Lamp

If you want a statement lamp, go one step further than just choosing one with the right colouring and pick an unusual style too. Our Viscount lamp features an eye-catching base, just right for keeping a contemporary feel to your decor. Alternatively, our Coral lamp creates an interesting focal point if you’re looking to bring more gold into your design.

black and gold cushions

If you’re looking for a quick way to bring some black and gold into your home, cushions are a great start. With so many different styles and shades available, it’s easy to begin building up your own sense of black and gold style – our Jazz and Arian cushions are two totally different effects but both would work great for this trend.


Black and Gold is an interior designer’s dream, as there are endless options out there for accessorising. Choose gold candle holders with black tea lights for a different take on this trend, or keep it simple with a selection of black and gold vases. Decorative twigs are great for adding height to vases without detracting from the strong style statement.


If you fancy creating your own Black and Gold homage, be sure to tag @FishpoolsUK in any pictures so we can take a look!