We’ve all been there: tossing and turning at 3 in the morning, unable to find a cool patch of bed to comfortably drift off to sleep. With summer, many of us feel our distinct lack of air conditioning, especially when those rare but intense heatwaves hit. While the temperatures are relatively cool, take some time to prepare your bedroom for the next spout of warm weather, so you can ensure a comfortable night’s rest. From summer duvets to tips for keeping the heat out, we’ve compiled five simple trips to help keep your bedroom cool this summer.

1. Create a cross-breeze

If your home doesn’t have air conditioning, chances are you’ve already got a fan or two on hand for those sweltering, humid nights. (If you don’t, make sure you grab one before the next heatwave hits. Shelves get cleared out pretty quickly, and you don’t want to have to wait while stores re-stock!). Position your fan across from your open bedroom window, to create a nice cross-breeze and keep the air circulating while you sleep.

2. Lower your togBoutique silk duvet

Stash away your heavy winter comforter and opt for a lower tog summer duvet. Tog refers to the duvet’s thermal insulation capabilities, so the lower the number, the better for summer. Our Boutique Silk duvet is 4.5 tog, features an 100% cotton cover and is a microfibre-silk blend that’s light and breathable.

3. Control the light

Although you’d think throwing the windows open while it’s warm would help with circulation, this actually increases the temperature of your interiors. During the day, keep your blinds or shutters closed to keep the heat out and avoid turning your room into a sauna. In the evening, when you need to switch the lights on, opt for CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) which are not only energy-efficient but will help make the room feel cooler.

4. Swap your sheetsLausanne bedroom range

Cotton is the material to go for when it comes to summer bedding: it’s nice and lightweight so you won’t feel too weighed down. Treat yourself and go for Egyptian cotton, like our Ultimate 1000 thread count white sheets. They look especially refreshing when paired with our Lausanne urban grey bedroom range.

5. Make a cold water bottle

Instead of warming your sheets, cool them down with a cold water bottle. Simply fill your hot water bottle with cold water, pop it in the freezer and stick it at the foot of your bed once it’s chilled. If you have more than one, put one underneath your pillow so you can flip for that satisfying cold-pillow feel.

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