So you’ve finally sorted all the main pieces of furniture in your home and you love how it’s looking. However, there’s still a little something missing. It’s those finishing touches that really make a house a home so if you’re looking for that something extra, we’ve got you covered.

finishing touches

Living Room

There’s nothing like new cushions to create a fresh look in your living room. Pick something that works with your existing colour scheme, but sure to invest in something that stands out so you can really make the most of the change. We love this Dali cushion in Citron, as the bold geometric design really packs a punch.

Eclat Cutlery

Dining Room

Break away from the mould of plain stainless steel cutlery and explore the endless choice available when you add a little colour. This gorgeous Kaleidoscope collection will brighten up any dining table, adding a playful element. Pair with these unique multicolour hi ball glasses for maximum colour impact.

La Cucina Saucepans


Don’t think that everything needs to be neatly hidden away in your kitchen cupboards. Gorgeous cook and bakeware deserves to be out on display and will add fabulous character to your kitchen. This stylish 3 piece La Cucina saucepan set will bring a rustic element to your room, thanks to the ceramic finish.

Smoke Cameo FINAL small


Brighten up your bed with a fantastic new throw. Throws are great for making your bed look really put together and have the added benefit of extra warmth when it’s a bit chilly! This Dip Dye throw by Karl Largerfeld adds a gorgeous smoky look to your bed to create intense style.

michael tewes


Your bath mat can be a stylish addition to your bathroom and not just a functional necessity. For modern luxury, we love this Black Crystal bath mat. The Swarovski elements make this a glamorous piece that will add a little sparkle to your bath times! If you’re looking for something a little more understated, our Bliss Premium bath mat in Slate is ideal.


Remember, if you need a breath of fresh air in your interiors, try updating these finishing touches for a new feel every season!