In this day and age it’s not always possible to have quite as much space as you may want in your living room. However, with a few clever space saving pieces of furniture, it’s possible to have all the seating you need without having to compromise on style.

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Clever Downsizing

A three seat sofa or larger may seem like your only option when pondering where to fit the whole family for a film night, but that’s not actually the case. Consider opting for a two seat sofa with an armchair or two. This allows more flexibility when arranging your seating area for you to make the most of the available space. Take a look at our Watson range for sumptuous sofas and classy chairs to match. Alternatively, try searching for a 2.5 seat sofa if you really do need the extra seat, like our Fitzrovia.

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Two for One

If an entire guest room is more space than you can afford to spare, the sofa bed could be your best friend. This allows you to provide a comfortable, dedicated area for overnight guests – but only when you need to! Our Danni chaise sofa bed also offers ample seating, which is great for keeping guests comfy.

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Savvy Substitutes

If a sofa still feels too large for your room, a chaise longue can make an elegant alternative. More compact than a traditional sofa, it still offers more seating space than a chair and has the added benefit of bringing a little luxury to your interiors. Our Charlotte chaise features gorgeous button detailing and a winged arm.


Get Cuddly

An oversized armchair, such as our Poppy snuggler chair or our Cirrus swivel cuddler, can provide more space than you’d think. Great for keeping all the kids in one easy to see place, or for a romantic evening in, this style is at its best in places where you don’t quite have the room for a sofa.


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