When we encounter a piece of design – be it a faux fur throw or a faux fur stole – that’s labelled as a fake, our immediate response is one of dismissal. Why settle for an imitation? Isn’t it better to have the real thing?

Not necessarily.TodayInteriors-Structure-IR50008These days, it’s incredibly fashionable to – pardon the pun – ‘go with the faux.’ Working with fake products mean you can also have more creative freedom with your design. Pair a zebra-print sofa with metallic accents, achieve the perfect crocodile-skin texture with a rug, re-create a rustic look with faux-stone wallpaper: the possibilities are practically endless!

croc rugThe imitation interior trend means all of us can experiment with and enjoy timeless styles in our homes at a fraction of the ‘real thing’ price. Here are some of our favourite faux pieces and how we’d style them in our home.Bamburgh Flower Display WhiteWe couldn’t write about the faux trend without showing some love to our faux plants. This is undoubtedly the most affordable way to go with the faux: no soil, water or planters needed. Wherever you choose to place these blossoms – in a vase by your bed, incorporated into a larger bouquet as a dining room centrepiece, or perhaps hanging in a flower basket in the garden – their cheer will never wilt or fade.zeus dining table collectionFor those who love the look of a crisp and clean marble table top but are after for a more cost-effective alternative, our Zeus dining range ticks all the right boxes. The extendable dining table features a gorgeous high-gloss finish for a luxurious look, and the dining chairs are upholstered in a leather-look PU fabric. With its contemporary silhouette and beautiful monochrome colour palette, the Zeus will create a sophisticated statement in any dining room, and can easily be incorporated into a number of different interior styles.albany statement lampFor those that love vintage-inspired design but aren’t able to shell out for antiques, then pieces like our Albany Statement lamp are a perfect swap. With gold-finish metal details, a white finish base and a faux-silk champagne shade, this lovely table lamp could have been plucked from a 1940s living room, and will still look right at home in yours.

Likewise, if there is a particular trend or material that you’d love to incorporate into your interior design, finding a bargain in an imitation piece could save you thousands. Tiffany glass, a beautiful style of stained glass produced during the late 19th/early 20th centuries, is a timeless look that can cost thousands. Opting for a faux-Tiffany lamp can still achieve the same beautiful effect, and won’t break your bank.animal print cushions Animal prints in interiors are a bit like Marmite: you either love them or you hate them. It should come as no surprise that we absolutely love them! Animal prints are a fantastic way to add flair and texture, especially as an accessory. A well-placed Mahiki leopard pillow or zebra print Zuma cushion can spice up an otherwise monotonous design. Or, if animal prints aren’t your cup of tea, opt for something with a natural feel: we can’t get enough of the unique faux-quartz design on this Terazzo cushion!vinyl flooringAchieve the warmth and elegance of a solid wood floor with a faux alternative. Our Karndean vinyl tiles mimic the look and feel of a classic parquet design, but are softer, easier to clean and more durable than natural wood.

No matter how large or small your next redecorating project is, don’t shrug off faux furniture. You can still achieve a look of luxury without the budget to match!

Are you ready to go faux?