This season we’re not just spring cleaning – we’re sofa cleaning.

If it’s been a while since you’ve shown your sofa some love, here are some easy tips to clean, accessorise and brighten up your living room set-up.

Step 1: Should you refresh or replace?

First thing’s first: should your sofa be spruced up or swapped out? Think how long you’ve had your sofa: have the cushions retained their shape and support, or is everything going a bit lumpy? Does the upholstery have one too many stains, tears or scratches to fix? Is the frame starting to sag or bend?

Sofas don’t last forever and varying levels of use like kids, pets, etc. will all have a bearing on its lifespan. If your sofa’s past its prime, consider investing in a new piece and use the following tips to help preserve it.

If you need a bit of assistance picking the right new sofa for you, check out this helpful guide to different sofa fillings. Alternatively, you can always come try our sofas – like our Veyron corner unit, pictured – or simply chat to us in store about any questions you may have!

Ruben sofa

Step 2: Remove stains and clean thoroughly

Once you’ve decided that your sofa can be saved, it’s time to thoroughly clean and remove stubborn stains so your sofa can look as pristine as our Ruben model (pictured).

What’s the best way to clean a sofa?

Whether you have a fabric or leather sofa, the first step in your sofa cleaning routine should be to remove the cushions (if you can) and vacuum everything. Use a soft brush attachment (if you have one) to avoid scratching or creating further scuffs! Spills and stains should be treated differently for fabric and leather sofas:

Fabric: deal with spills as soon as they happen by dabbing with a clean absorbent cloth. Dry clean upholstery – unless the label says it’s safe for machine washing.

Leather: For protected leather, clean with a mild soaping agent. Rinse with clean cold water and wipe off with a dry cloth. For waxed, semi, and full aniline leathers, we advise applying a protection cream prior to use and on a regular basis as instructed.

For more specific cleaning instructions for sofas and more, read our care guide.

Another rule to remember: no matter what kind of sofa you own, always do a discreet test patch before applying cleaning solutions.

Portobello petit sofa and armchair

Step 3: Add some spring-inspired textiles

Nothing says spring like bold, bright colours! The vibrancy of our Portobello sofa collection (pictured) is definitely one of our favourites this season.

A few gorgeous cushions (like this Pebble Lizard Cushion in the perfect shade of Pantone Greenery) or a patterned blanket (like this lovely cotton criss-cross throw) can take a sofa from boring to beautiful.

Step 4: Accessorise around the sofa

A mod floor covering (like the Blox rug in Multi, pictured) can help brighten your sofa area for the spring. Adding greenery – even a faux plant! – can infuse the home with a sense of earthy calm and is very on-trend for this year. A statement floor lamp can completely transform your space, and doesn’t require a massive effort!

Step 5: Kick back and relax!

All there is left to do is grab your favourite book (or film!), curl up on your beautiful sofa and relax.