Every one of us is guilty of wanting to do more with a room than we can. Whether it’s overcrowding the space, ignoring good proportions or simply going way over budget, it’s all too easy to spend a lot of time and money on something that falls short of expectations. Luckily we’ve put together these simple tips on how to make the most of what you have.

Simple nyon wall unit

The most important step before embarking on an interior design transformation is to declutter and simplify what you have. Only keep things that you truly love, either for their design aesthetics or sentimental reasons. Don’t be tempted to keep things just because you feel you have to, as they’re unlikely to add anything to your room.  When you have only a small selection of beautiful objects and ornaments, it’s much easier to make them stand out – just look at our Nyon wall unit!

Raffles Room High_Res 2

Your rug is another thing that has the potential to transform a room. Too large and your room will feel swamped but too small and the impact will be lost. Once you’ve decided on a size you’re happy with, think also about how the design needs to work with your room. Here, we’ve used our yellow Fresco rug to ground the yellow and gold details of the rest of the furniture.


Most rooms will benefit from some colour, as a pure white minimalist look is extremely hard to pull off. Consider the sort of colour you’d like – the bolder the colour the less you’ll need to use to make an impact. A feature wall can be a fantastic and simple way to bring colours into a room and it’s easy enough to find a pattern and style that will suit your room size. Check out this gorgeous Roberto Cavalli wallpaper range in store now!


You may find, once you’ve rearranged your room, that your current lighting just isn’t doing it justice. Rather than pushing ahead with a complete overhaul, repositioning and adding extra fixtures, consider carefully placed table and floor lamps. This can help redirect light where you want it most and can be used as softer lighting for when you don’t want overhead lights on.


Most importantly, remember to use your personality. It’s your home after all! We’d love to see how you make the most of your home in the comments below!