With spring in the air, now is the perfect time to embrace nature’s offerings in your home. This year, the trend for all things natural is taking on a warmer tone, with terracotta and red clays leading the way. Walls, floors, furniture and accessories can all be included in this trend, to create a room of subtle movement and ample style. The Geology and Clay trend is about using materials from nature and embracing colours inspired by these materials.

Felix Room WEB

Your sofa is perhaps one of the most difficult things to get right when it comes to embracing a trend inspired by nature. The key here is to keep it simple – use stone colours as they’ll work best with more vibrant mineral or pottery shades. Our Felix sofa is a great example and has a wonderful contemporary shape. If you’ve gone with a neutral coloured sofa, this provides you with a great opportunity to add some serious colour with your cushions. Beautiful oranges and ambers are vibrant colours with geological links.

geology and clay

Walls are the perfect way to make a stylish statement with the Geology and Clay trend. This fabulous Makrana wallpaper offering from Harlequin is a striking colour and adds plenty of natural movement to a room; the ripples have the appearance of mineral layers, ideal for creating depth.

Blox rug

This trend isn’t only about capturing the look of nature. Colours, such as terracotta and other copper tones are the perfect option for keeping the warmth in a room. This Blox copper rug has a gorgeous colouring and would look fantastic paired with Pantone’s Potter’s Clay.

Recycled Glass Carafe Vases

Earthenware-inspired vases, such as these recycled glass carafe vases, can help to bring colour from nature inside. Recycled glass opens up a world of mineral-inspired looks. From rich earthy colours to marbled streaks of different hues, it has that feel of being a little closer to nature. Fill with faux plants to keep a fresh burst of life in your home all year round – you can always add vases of real flowers to the ensemble when you have them.


Will you be bringing the outdoors in? We’d love to hear!