No matter the size of your garden, it isn’t always easy to find an arrangement that suits your requirements best. Do you make the most of the size or the sun? Is it somewhere to be enjoyed socially or a peaceful escape? Whatever you want to use your garden for, follow our useful advice to get the most out of it.

What’s For Dinner?

Most of us will jump on any opportunity to have dinner al fresco whenever the British weather allows. But the main layout of your garden will depend on whether you tend to host a barbecue at every opportunity or sit down and have a proper meal, just outside instead.

Pr Garden Shoot 2013 Naples Corner Unit High_Res

For those barbecue aficionados amongst us, your garden furniture should take on a more relaxed styling, such as with our Naples Sofa Set, pictured. This allows conversation to flow and should be located in the part of your garden that gets the most afternoon and evening sun, as this is when it’s most likely to be in use.

PR Garden Shoot 2013 Margarita re-touch

If you prefer to sit down with the family to eat all together, something like this Margarita Dining Set will be ideal. Again position it to make the most of the sun for whatever time of day you’ll be using it, whether it be brunch, afternoon tea or dinner. With a dining set, it can be extremely beneficial to also invest in a parasol as prolonged exposure to the sun is never a good idea.

Barbados Bar Table Set Room High_Res Landscape

Are You a Night Owl?

On balmy summer nights, it can be really enjoyable to stay outside into the night. Our Barbados Bar Set, above, with its built-in ice bucket, is great for continuing adult conversation. Arrange this closer to the house, as sun doesn’t necessarily need to be a factor but it can be useful to have amenities (such as the fridge!) close to hand. Also consider a patio heater like the one below to make the most of the evenings even after the sun’s warmth starts to fade.



PR Garden Shoot 2013 Nassau Sunbed Re-touch trees

Do You Have Green Fingers?

If your garden is more about, well, gardening than socialising, consider how your furniture can fit in with your existing plants. Whilst it’s likely your plants will take priority over you when it comes to sun worship, something such as our Nassau Sunbed (above) or Mustique 3 Piece Set (below) are designed to fit into smaller spaces and allow you to enjoy the peace and serenity of your garden.



We’d love to see how you arrange your garden this year! Let us know in the comments below.