Every year when spring rolls around, many of us are focused on clearing clutter, refreshing our interiors for the new season (perhaps incorporating a dreamy neutral palette like our Burlington sofa, pictured) and generally getting things organised. This year, it’s time to not only achieve a tidy home, but a healthy home as well.

Spring is also all about getting ourselves healthy – everything from taking advantage of the lighter-longer days to exercise outside to incorporating seasonal fruit and veg into our cooking for healthier meals. (For many of us, the thought of wearing a swim suit in a month or two is enough to get us moving!) However, we’re often so focused on detoxing our bodies that we neglect to detox our homes.

From the bedroom to the living room, this post will show you a few ways you can make your home healthy.

Improve air quality


When we embark on home improvement projects, we often neglect to consider the most important aspect – the air we breathe! Air quality is especially important this time of year, as anyone who suffers hay fever or allergies will tell you. Consider investing in an air quality monitor, so you can keep an eye on how changes in your routine affect the air quality in your home, such as using new cleaning products or perfumes.

One easy way to clean the air is the natural way – with a plant. Chrysanthemums are one of the best at removing toxins such as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene.

Create a wallpaper feature

Harlequin-Palmetto-Amborella wallpaper feature

If you’re wanting to switch up your walls – or if you’ve been toying with the idea of painting an accent wall – try a wallpaper feature instead. This is a great way to experiment with new looks in a room without involving too many chemicals or potential irritants (especially if you buy natural non-toxic wallpaper paste, which is safe enough even for kids to use). Bold patterns and textures in wallpapers are all the rage at the moment – read more about it in our blog post here.

Purify your bedroom

Marino bedroom collection

The bedroom is undoubtedly the most important room in our home. Whether you like a cool minimalist vibe (like our Marino collection) or bold luxurious textures, our bedroom is where we go to rest, heal and be comforted. Make sure your bedroom set-up is as healthy as it can be, starting with your pillows and your mattress. If you are sleeping night after night on a mattress that’s wrong for your spine or pillows that are too lumpy, you could be causing unnecessary aches, pains, even headaches. Whether you’re a stomach, back or side sleeper, make sure you find the right mattress for you.

Dust mites, bacteria and other allergens accumulate in pillows, sheets and mattresses over time, so make sure you change your sheets every two weeks. Your mattress should be brushed lightly and covered with a mattress protector to keep it fresh.

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