As good as most of us think chocolate is, not everyone wants endless boxes of eggs for Easter. Some people don’t like chocolate; others can’t have it so it’s always useful to have some different ideas to hand if you need them. Take a look at our alternative gift guide to find inspiration for perfect Easter gifting.


Easter Vases

Flowers are often gifted for Easter anyway as daffodils and tulips are generally at their best this time of year. However, to make a real present out of flowers, take the time to select a vase to give them in – this creates a gift that will last beyond the initial lifespan of the flower and adds an extra dimension of thoughtfulness.


Faux Plants

Another alternative to the traditional bouquet, faux plants have longevity and are especially good for those with plant-based allergies. Faux plants can look extremely realistic and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – just like the real thing! Faux plants such as this orchid, pictured, or these begonias come in a gorgeous pot to create the complete gift.

Cafe Sweets


Candles can be a great way to give something sweet but free of the calories! Our WoodWick Trilogy Candle in Café Sweets combines three scrumptious layers of vanilla bean, caramel and biscotti scent to satisfy your sweet tooth. The crackling wick also makes this an unusual alternative to normal scented candles.


Decorative Ornaments

Sometimes you need to find a gift that perfectly reflects the personality of the recipient and home accessories are ideal for that. Keep things fresh with our hugely on trend pineapples, pictured here and currently an in store exclusive, or choose from our huge range online here.

Gift Card Edit

Gift Cards

Although not the most exciting thing in the world, if you know someone who is moving home or redecorating, a Fishpools’ gift card can be gratefully received. Great for buying the finishing touches or putting towards bigger purchases if you want the recipient to end up with a gift they truly want and need.


What will you be choosing as your chocolate alternative? We’d love to hear in the comments!