The classic painted feature wall is moving aside to make room in your home for a wallpaper feature instead. Although this may invoke memories of a past interior trend for many of you, this time around prints are boldly patterned yet perfectly matched to furnishings.

Harlequin Wallpaper

Be Brave

When choosing your style of wallpaper, don’t be tempted with delicate colours and minimalist patterns. A useful rule to follow is if you can imagine the paper on all four walls, it won’t work as a feature. Nature-inspired prints, such as large leaves or impressive feathers like Harlequin’s Amazilia Limosa, are very much en vogue currently and are great for adding instant character to a room.

Kansai Peacock

Find Your Vibe

Assuming you don’t have the luxury of starting from scratch, it’s important the colours on your new wallpaper tie in with existing furniture and accessories, as seen here with Black Edition’s Kansai in peacock. If you glance quickly around your room, what colours stand out? Is there an obvious theme you should stick to? Listen to what your room is telling you and use this to guide your choices.

Harlequin Palmetto Amborella

Harlequin Jardin Boheme Floret

Throw Some Shapes

Just like with colours, you may find certain shapes are repeated throughout your interiors. Most rooms will, at their most basic level, appear either softer or more angular in design. This can then be applied to your wallpaper choice. For example, both the styles above are leaf patterns from Harlequin. However, the top style, Palmetto Amborella, has delicate curves whereas Jardin Boheme Floret underneath has defined points to each leaf tip.

NLXL Crown Caps Black

Know Your Size

Different size rooms can cope with different size patterns. A small room will likely be overwhelmed with a huge pattern and you will lose some of the effect if you only see one or two repetitions of the pattern on your wall. Equally, a large room can make some patterns look too small and you’ll lose the impact required for a successful wallpaper feature. Crown Caps from NLXL, shown here, is great for having an impact in smaller rooms.

Today Interiors Radiant

Position is Key

If you’re going to put all this work into finding the perfect wallpaper for your feature wall, you need to make sure you choose the right wall to upgrade. Today Interior’s Radiant wallpaper looks striking on this central wall. Think about what walls can be seen when you open the door; if it’s essentially a hidden wall, don’t choose it! It also goes without saying that if a wall is mostly window, it should never be made a feature of – the window is feature enough.

Painted Wall

Remember Us?

Don’t forget, there are other walls in the room too. Don’t be tempted to paint these magnolia, for fear of overshadowing the paper. Pick one of the more subtle shades in your paper and paint the walls this colour. Yes, it may be that you end up with white walls anyway, but if baby pink is the obvious choice don’t shy away from it.


All wallpapers featured are available to view and order in store. Discover the brands we stock here and get inspired. We’d love to see what you create!