Laminate flooring, when done right, can be just as effective as engineered or hardwood and is much easier to maintain. Laminate flooring does not need treating like hardwood – simply click the pieces together and enjoy! However, choosing which laminate flooring is right for you and your home is not always that easy, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you make the right choice.


What is Laminate?

Before investing in laminate flooring, it’s always useful to know exactly what you’re purchasing.  Laminate flooring is a Swedish invention, developed in the 1980s. It’s key quality is that it is often more durable than many of the materials it imitates, as well as being fade, stain and impact resistant. It consists of the following four layers:

  • A backing layer which stabilizes the floor and resists moisture
  • A compressed wood fibre core layer, also known as MDF
  • A pattern layer created from an image of hardwood grain
  • A clear top layer for protection and durability

laminate flooring


Choosing the style of your laminate is a big step towards making your final decision. Decide if you want planks that are narrow or wide as this has a huge effect on the overall design of your room. You can also get laminate as tiles if you’re looking for a more unusual finish. Don’t forget to consider the grain effect of your laminate too. Some styles with have a softer graining, while others will have a more pronounced rustic effect. We stock a huge range of Quickstep laminates, so you’re sure to find a style to suit.



Once you have the parameters of the style you’re looking for, the next stage is colour selection. Laminate flooring is available in a huge range of colours, from dark to light, oak to walnut. The main things to think about are whether you want a light or dark colour, brown or grey hued and warm or cool colouring. This should help you narrow your selection down to something much more manageable.



Perhaps the most important thing to do to avoid any laminate flooring disasters is to order samples. At Fishpools, we offer up to five free samples, taking the stress out of choosing between similar styles and allowing you to visualise your flooring with your furniture and colour palette to ensure you make the right choice. Take a look round our showroom to see everything we have to offer.


Here at Fishpools we have been supplying and fitting flooring since 1899 and our friendly experienced fitters have a wealth of experience in all types of finishes.

If however you’re planning to fit laminate flooring in your home yourself, don’t forget to read our Flooring Guide, as well as take advantage of our FREE Home Estimating and Planning Service before you buy to make sure you only buy as many packs as you need.