For many of us, ‘having a garden’ is at the top of our dream home wish list. However, for city dwellers and other property owners who are somewhat limited in terms of outdoor space, this isn’t always an option. From balconies to patios to tiny plots, there are a variety of ways to maximise your alfresco area with climbing greenery, compact furniture and clever solutions. Here are 5 small garden ideas to give your outdoors a refresh this spring!

Consider positioning

residential garden

Before diving straight into a project, think about the position of your balcony or garden. How private is it? How much sunlight does it get? Is there space for plants to grow? There’s no point spending time and money investing in plants that won’t get much of an opportunity to grow, so do a bit of preliminary research into reasonable alterations.

Keep it simple  

Tobago hanging chair

Even outside, too many colours or textures in a small space can be overwhelming, so keep things simple. Just like you would with any room, pick a focal point of your garden or balcony to accentuate – whether that’s the brilliantly-perfumed jasmine trellis or a chair perfectly positioned to soak up the sun (like our rattan Trinidad hanging chair).

Think ‘up’


If ground space is limited, think about upward solutions. Hanging lamps or fairy lights are a tidy way to add atmosphere and keep your area well-lit after dark. Add a few wall shelves or a shelving unit for extra storage and display space – just make sure the material is sturdy enough to remain outside. Plants like ivy, hydrangea and honeysuckle are natural climbers, and can make a lovely ‘living wall’ with a well-placed trellis or railing. For a more comprehensive list of climbing plants, check out this list from Thompson Morgan.

Opt for cute – yet resilient – garden furniture

Barbados 4 seat bar set

When it comes to garden furniture, rattan is the way to go. UV resistant, shower proof and capable of being pressure-washed, this incredibly durable material means your outdoor furniture will last for years to come. Our Barbados bar set is perfect for smaller gardens or balconies, and it even comes complete with a built-in ice bucket (perfect for keeping your drinks nice and chilled!).

Is rattan furniture weatherproof?

Rattan furniture is extremely resistant to all types of weather, including heat, humidity and water. It’s ability to be left outside for long periods of time make it a popular choice for use in garden furniture. To keep rattan furniture looking it’s best for longer, use a furniture cover for added protection.

Go faux for low-maintenance gardening lavendar faux plant

Even if your outdoor area isn’t necessarily well-suited to be a garden, you can still achieve the look with faux plants. This potted heritage lavender looks incredibly life-like and adds a beautiful splash of colour to your garden – and you never have to remember to water it! You can also consider laying down artificial grass for an even earthier effect. This would help brighten up a dull concrete balcony or patio, and would require little maintenance.

What are your small garden ideas? Let us know in the comments how you’d dress up a balcony or tag us in your photos on Facebook – we’d love to see!