Now is the perfect time to declutter and organise your home, with the festive season well and truly behind us. Enter spring feeling content in your beautifully arranged home, thanks to our top tips below.



There is something about old cups and mugs that seem to make them impossible to throw out. But whether it’s sentimentality or convenience, remind yourself that chipped mugs are unhygienic and treat yourself to a whole new matching set.

Towels Summer 16


Towels get a lot of use, from daily showers to regular hand washes. This means even the highest quality ones will eventually lose their fluffiness and start to become threadbare in places. Admit defeat and enjoy the true luxury of brand new towels.

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Bath Mats

These get a similar amount of wear to towels, with the added factor of spending a lot of time on the floor. For hygiene reasons, bath mats should be replaced about once a year. If you haven’t replaced yours in a while, make this a priority – you’ll be glad you did!

organise paper


It happens to all of us, the dreaded build up of unidentifiable papers. File what needs filing, including receipts for bigger purchases. With everything else, you’ll need to be strict. Receipts for things that have been used and are outside the return date can be shredded or recycled, along with other useless papers. Tickets and invites also need recycling, unless they hold significant sentimental value.



With a high turnover of gadgets and comestibles, your kitchen will benefit from regular re-organising to make the most of the space. Keep similar things together, such as seasonings or tinned foods and invest in containers for anything that would look great on display.



Carpets and rugs are generally extremely hardwearing. However, rugs will present a trip hazard when they’re coming to the end of their lives, as corners start to curl and threads become loose so you definitely need to replace them quickly! A brand new rug can transform a room and is worth the investment.

Ottoman Bed


It goes without saying that any available storage space in your bedroom will be full. Although it may be beneficial to have a ruthless clearout in order to find room for everything, a storage ottoman bed can offer space that you didn’t have before. Use it for things you know you need, that way you’ll have one less thing to organise when you finally get round to the big clearout!



Most houses will have endless chargers, cables and random leads everywhere. Broken ones need to be thrown (you know you’ll never fix them) and ones that can’t be paired up with devices you still own need to go. See if anyone you know needs them or try selling them before committing them to landfill though.


Are you inspired to organise your home? Do you have any successful methods you use? We’d love to hear!