We know, it’s cold. And it’s probably going to stay pretty chilly for a while longer, if the Met Office is to be believed. All this nasty weather, coupled with the post-Christmas comedown and the arrival of those dreaded credit card bills are enough to make winter really quite blue. Luckily, there are a few things you can do inside your home to make the rest seem like a distant memory.


Invest in a Throw

If you haven’t already, you will be amazed at the difference it can make. As comfortable as your sofa may be, nothing compares to the feel of luxurious faux fur or toasty warm wool wrapped around cold fingers and toes. Pair with cosy cushions and extra blankets if required for the perfect place to hibernate on long winter nights.

Lighting 2

Switch to Mood Lighting

The last thing you need after coming inside from harsh winds and rain is to be blinded by clinically bright lights. Although great for cooking and cleaning, opt for something gentler for when you unwind. Table lights, floor lamps and the occasional wall light, when carefully positioned around a room, can provide plenty of light with a softer, more calming glow.

Mattressgroup Original

Create a Winter Bedroom Haven

When all else fails, go to bed. A high quality mattress will help you achieve the best night’s sleep and set you up for the day. Make your bedroom a space you look forward to being in, with gorgeous bedding and a high tog duvet. Candles and other soft lighting can also create an inviting atmosphere, as can picture frames filled with memories.


Discover the Power of Rugs

There is something about a rug that just completes a room. If you have a corner of your home that feels neglected or just isn’t up to the standard of the rest of the house, try adding a rug for a more homely effect. The more complete you feel your home is, the more you will look forward to spending endless hours there whilst the outside world is a no-go zone.


Don’t Forget the Little Things

A hot bath with luxurious bubble baths, bath salts or oils can transform your state of mind. Go all out with more candles in the bathroom, grab a book and relax. Super soft towels and brand new pyjamas are both great ways of ensuring you keep the post-bath bliss and beat those winter blues.


So hunker down, cuddle up and dream of spring!