The creative team recently grabbed the opportunity to get out the office and express themselves on the set of our new brochure shoot. Borrowing a beautiful house in deepest Hertfordshire for the occasion, organised chaos soon ensued resulting in an energetic and productive day. Read on to find out more.

Photography equipment

8.30am The whole crew arrives bright and early. A quick pick me up of tea and coffee and we’re ready to get started.


8.45am Before we can start setting up our own furniture, we need to clear the family’s possessions out of the rooms we’ll be using. It’s quite impressive watching two entire rooms worth of furniture skillfully being condensed into a small side room. A quick sweep around and the real fun can begin!


9.30am Time to set up the first shot. It’s a labour-heavy process but thankfully our fabulous delivery guys know exactly what to do and make short work of it. A few final touches courtesy of the creative team and the shot is ready to be taken. Watch the video below to see just how much work goes into one shot.

10.00am We plough through the next six shots; the room is a constant blur of furniture whizzing in and out.                              Unfortunately, none of us are superhuman and we begin to slow down, bellies rumbling.


1.00pm We stop for a quick but satisfying lunch – Fishpools know how to keep their people happy! Now we’re                          all refuelled it’s time to get back to it.


1.30pm Our first issue of the day occurs as we set up for the next shot. Amidst all the effort of preparing for the big day, the one-floor lamp hasn’t made it. After a collective deep breath, an alternative is chosen and things are soon on their way again.


4.00pm With the light beginning to fade, there’s a flurry of activity to ensure we get the last two shots done. It takes a little bit of creativity from our talented photographer to reflect the natural light back onto our set but we manage it.

Tricks of the trade

4.30pm Thankfully, there’s just enough time to leave everything exactly how we found it. It’s all hands on deck as we bring all the original furniture and accessories out of the side room, cleaning as we go.


5.00pm We have finished! It’s been an exhausting but successful day. We head home with smiles on our faces,                        ready to put our feet up with a cup of tea.


We managed to get lots of fantastic shots for our Winter Brochure as well as some gorgeous images that you can expect to see appearing on our social media pages soon. So don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages where we will also be sharing more videos from the day.