Most of our homes have a room that gets less than its fair share of light. Maybe it has a small window or faces north east or both! It may seem obvious but the wall and floor finishes can dramatically affect the amount of natural light the room gets. Here are some hints and tips on how to maximise the use of light and create a bright energetic space.



The most obvious change you can make is to the walls. Dark paint colours can be moody and dramatic but if you want bright and breezy, there is no doubt that a lighter colour scheme is for you.  However before you rush off and paint everything brilliant white, take care. Pure white can end up looking dirty in rooms without a lot of light which is not the result we are going for! Try going off-white with neutral tones like very pale grey or warm taupe.  Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White or White Cotton from Dulux are good examples.



You may not consider the flooring when changing the feel of your room but using a lighter, paler colour will help increase how light it feels. Obviously practicality is important and high traffic areas may be a challenge, but there are so many durable, easy clean finishes on offer that even these spaces can be uplifted.

A neutral carpet is an obvious choice but why not consider a durable laminate in a pale wood effect like Creo 2015 or a beautiful faux Carrara Marble like Arte both from Quickstep and available from our huge Flooring Department in store. Finish it off with a gorgeous statement rug like our glossy Twilight Rug TWI08 in Cream.



Thick heavy curtains can block light even when open and add to the oppressive feel of a dark room. Consider swapping them for a lighter fabric or even a voile that will filter more light into the room.  Blinds or shutters are a great alternative allowing you to alter the quantity and amount of light coming in.

The expert and friendly advisors in our Curtains & Blinds Department will offer the best solution, tailor made for you. So why not call in to the store and meet the team.



Using reflective surfaces will catch light and bounce it around the room. Mirrors are an obvious choice and if you place one opposite the window it will double the light instantly.

If you’re investing in new furniture, consider a reflective finish like our gorgeous antique mirrored Medina Bedroom Collection or a sleek sliding wardrobe like our Malmo Range with top to toe mirrored doors. Explore all our bedroom ranges here.

So just a few ways to brighten up your room and lift your mood. Look out for more hints and tips for improving your home with future “How To” posts.