Summer is here at last, which means it’s the perfect time to open up the address book, make an event on Facebook and get a date in everyone’s diary for your summer garden party. Whether it’s a small family get together or an all-night bash, we Brits love to make the most of the beautiful weather. The UK’s summer can be unpredictable to say the least, so make sure you make the most of your beautiful garden in bloom before the sun disappears and the rainy weather returns. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our steps to throwing the perfect summer garden party.


It’s time to get those invites out. Invite a varied and eclectic mixture of people for conversations and fun that’s bound to last all night long.


A summer party is an ideal time to show off your garden furniture, so make sure your garden is ready for the big occasion. A party is also the perfect time to invest in some brand-new furniture, which will last you for many outdoor shindigs to come. Our stylish Ocean Drive lounge corner dining set (pictured), is perfect for all weather conditions and is specially designed to live outside all year long.

Ocean Drive lounge corner dining set

If you decide to dress up your table with a tablecloth – because, let’s be honest, garden parties can get a bit messy – avoid potential wind-related disasters with cute tablecloth weights. Learn how you can make your own here.


Having plenty of games and activities set-up on the lawn is a great way to keep youngsters entertained for an afternoon of fun. Plan a scavenger hunt for little detectives to get involved with around your garden and house with lots of tasty prizes available for everyone taking part.

When the sun begins to go down, take the kids inside and set them up in the lounge with a selection of their favourite films and snacks.


Create a Spotify playlist packed full of sing-a-long classics and current pop hits to keep everyone at the party dancing all day long. Why not throw a few unknown gems in there as real conversation starters. Allow the music to be accessible for guests by using a tablet so everyone can get involved picking their favourite songs to suit the mood.

Or, if you don’t feel like making a playlist, here are some great summer mixes to pick from!


summer garden party barbecue

You can’t go wrong with BBQ food that everyone loves: burgers, sausages, ribs, and steaks of all sizes. Keep it simple, but have a few different main options available so everyone can have something they enjoy. Don’t forget to check out our perfect summer BBQ guide right here, which has some great ideas if you’re stumped on what to serve.

Get creative with the menu: instead of opting for a traditional salad, why not try a superfood quinoa and sweet potato salad that’s packed full of goodness, nutrients and perfect for veggies! See the full recipe here.


Pimm’s is a quintessential British summer drink, but why not get creative and make a peach punch to mix things up (pardon the pun). The full recipe is available here.

If you’re more the beer type, Brooklyn Summer Ale is the ultimate refreshing and flavoursome pale ale that couldn’t be better suited to the warm BBQ weather. Budweiser Budvar is a light and crisp lager which is packed full of rich aromas and gentle bitterness, making it a great alternative to traditional lagers. All of the beers mentioned are available to buy here.


Let your festivities transition seamlessly from day to night with an exquisite array of garden lighting. Drape those fairy lights, light the candles or check out some more garden lighting to create the perfect ambience for your evening.


Every year they show up, unannounced and uninvited, to ruin the fun: mosquitos. You don’t want your guests to go home resentful and itchy, so make sure you’ve got some measures in place to keep bugs at bay. Rather than making your guests douse themselves in bug repellent, try citronella candles – they give off a lemony smell and will add a cosy atmosphere to your party once the sun’s gone down. You can also try adding sage to your grill (after you’re done cooking, of course) or fire pit to smoke away the little devils. For more tips and tricks on keeping your party bug-free, check out this list here.
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