As we continue to explore creatives across different professions as part of our Portrait of a Creative Mind series, we come to our newest inspiration: stylist and personal shopper Claire Lopez.

Based in Wandsworth, southwest London, Claire’s on a mission to get us looking and feeling our best through the powers of fashion. Her site, Style by Claire Lopez, features the services she offers – like a personal shopping session or a wardrobe detox – and her blog, where she regularly writes about what’s trending (mixed with funny anecdotes about her kids).

Read on to discover Claire’s thoughts on creativity, London and Sunday lunch.

How did you get started in your field?

For over a decade I worked as a Senior Buyer for a number of high street retailers, but after having two children I needed something that was more family friendly. I didn’t want to walk away from all that I had achieved over that time so I chose a slightly different path and trained as a personal stylist. I am lucky that I now get to combine the best bits of my old career with the ability to make a difference to how my clients look and feel.

Where do you seek out inspiration?

Depends what you mean inspiration for. I often get inspiration from my children (!) for my blogs but when it comes to fashion, social media is invaluable. I am a technological dinosaur but I cannot deny that Pinterest in particular is great for seeing different looks and outfits. I am also a big fan of the good old-fashion monthly magazine. It probably comes from my buying days when we would create mood boards with pages torn out of Vogue and other monthlies.

When you are feeling blocked creatively, what do you do?

Move on to something else! I blog regularly and sometimes it just doesn’t flow. Often coming back to it afresh gives you the perspective you need.

What’s your favourite room in your house and why?

My bedroom: it is free from the brightly-coloured plastic that is all over the rest of my house. It is a very light room with a calming, restful mix of white and grey.

What’s one piece of furniture you’ve always kept with you throughout your various moves?

I have an antique pine chest of drawers that is very simple in a lovely mellow finish, and it has moved not only from house to house but from person to person: from my room, to my son’s and now to my daughter’s. I wouldn’t really ever want to part with it.

Does your interior style follow a theme, or is it more of a mix?

If you asked my husband he would say grey, grey and more grey! Although I would contest that slightly because the open plan kitchen/family room has a bright lime green accent and our sitting room is much warmer with burgundy accents. But I suppose there is rather a lot of grey and white everywhere else, but overall it is fairly clean and simple.

What would your dream house have?

Space – when we first moved into our Victorian terraced house from a tiny postage stamp-sized flat, I remember thinking how vast it was and how on earth would we ever fill it. But now the seemingly endless stuff that having children brings means space is at a premium and storage in particular is a constant battle.

I would love an entrance hall and a utility room – boring and practical things really, but would make such a difference to my everyday life. Oh and a walk-in wardrobe!

What’s your favourite place in London?

The Southbank. I love the views, the bustle and there is always something going on from street performers to skateboarders. It is a great place to lose track of yourself and people watch.

If you could invite three people – any three people, alive or dead – to Sunday lunch, who would they be?

Princess Diana – I bet she would have some serious tales to tell.

JFK and Jackie – an intriguing power couple. Bit of a theme here as clearly I am rather nosey!

Eddie Izzard – for some laughs and levity.

To learn more about Claire’s personal stylist services, visit her website, and make sure you check her out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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