As the weather gradually improves and the thought of going outside becomes rather more appealing, we feel that it’s high time to give your outdoor spaces a makeover. Having shown you how to get your garden ready for summer, we’re now going to get down to the specifics with a handy little list of garden lighting ideas.

Let’s talk light: it has the power to completely change the mood and feel of your garden, patio and balcony. Light lends a certain magic to the atmosphere after sundown; it can also help keep you safe, and you can use it to highlight specific areas. Read on to discover how you can use different kinds of outdoor light in your garden this year.

Sleep soundly at night with garden security lights

Few things beat spending a balmy summer evening in the garden: imagine a jug of Pimm’s, a steady hand manning the barbecue and a gathering of good friends. However, in the dark, the garden has the potential to become a bit dangerous. Small low lights that are installed close to the ground at regular intervals can help illuminate uneven surfaces, deck steps, pool edges and anywhere else that sees regular foot traffic.

Alternatively, floodlights that have been installed up high on a wall to spread a large amount of light provide brighter, more widespread illumination, which can help deter potential intruders. Installing a Privet Post Black Floor Lamp outside your home helps enhance your security. It also comes in a wonderfully nostalgic box lantern design.

Shine a light on your front door with a garden wall lantern

For those looking to make a statement, consider an elegant post or wall lantern like our Washington outdoor wall light (pictured). Traditional lanterns evoke vintage charm and can dress up a plainer space. Post lanterns look fantastic at the end of the drive and can provide an extra bit of comfort if you’re coming back home late at night. Hang wall lights to stylishly illuminate your front door.

Consider adding our wonderful Mason Outdoor Sensor Wall Light to the outside of your home.

Illuminate proceedings with garden table lighting

The perfect addition to any garden is a trendy table light, like our Acre outdoor table lamp (pictured), which, as you can see, looks just as fab on the ground, and our rather fabulous Ember Outdoor Table Lamp.

Use a table light to help you see the pages of your book in the fading light or to illuminate your table at the next garden party. Because a table light is placed at a higher eye level, it shouldn’t be too bright; you don’t want to blind yourself or your guests! Our Glow Outdoor Cone Light is a practical, portable lighting choice that provides just the right level of illumination.  

Consider installing hanging garden lighting

Hanging lights can create an ethereal, dreamy atmosphere in your back garden. Ceiling pendants are ideally suited for open porches and are a beautiful alternative to a wall light.

You can also incorporate hanging lights into your garden by stringing lanterns or bulbs along a fence, between tree branches, around a tree trunk or basically anywhere you fancy. The only catch with this idea is having access to an outdoor outlet (or a very long extension lead) to plug them in. So why not try a battery-operated option? These playfully coloured LED Bulbs (pictured) are available in our Garden Department in store if you’d like to pick some up for yourself!

Bring light to the darkness with an outdoor floor lamp

Outdoor floor standing lamps are a fantastic way to lengthen your time spent outdoors during the twilight hours.

Use our Shine Outdoor Floor Light to provide the illumination that you need in elegance and style.


And last but not least, the easiest garden lighting idea is a candle! Although not very bright, candlelight is intimate, cosy and beautiful. Consider acquiring citronella candles, which will help keep pesky biting insects like mosquitos and midges at bay – Purple Turtle, which specialises in travel and health products, has a great selection of insect repellent candles to suit any outdoor environment.

Whether you’ve got a deck, a balcony or a sprawling lawn, accentuate your outdoor environment with beautiful lighting. Browse our range of candles and diffusers today.