We spend a third of our lives in bed and for good reason: our bodies need this time to heal, to maintain proper hormone balance, emotional health and a robust immune system. Despite sleep’s overwhelming importance in our waking life, we often don’t give as much thought as we should into what we lie on night after night. If you sleep on a Tempur mattress, you’re actually sleeping on NASA technology.

In 1962, aeronautical engineer Charles Yost developed a material called viscoelastic polyurethane foam, a.k.a. ‘slow spring back foam,’ a.k.a. temper (or memory) foam. Yost’s invention was incorporated by NASA four years later to cushion new airplane seat designs; the material’s ability to distribute body weight and pressure evenly meant more comfortable seating on long flights and a less strenuous take-off experience.

Yost began exploring other uses for this material – in hospitals, in sport, in the military and in our own homes. (Fun fact: Yost was posthumously inducted into the Flexible Polyurethane Foam Hall of Fame for this invention. Yes, you read that correctly: there is a Foam Hall of Fame.)

Today you can experience this ‘viscoelastic polyurethane foam’ in TEMPUR’s mattresses, which have been helping restless sleepers find peace in 76 countries worldwide.

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