At the end of last month, we paid a very special visit to one of our 2015 Charity Programme partners, Herts Air Ambulance to present them with a cheque for £745.

The donation, which was made-up from the sales of some of our most popular items, put us a step closer to our 2015 fundraising target of £5,000 and will also help to facilitate the fantastic work that Herts Air Ambulance undertakes.

Unlike many other emergency services, Herts Air Ambulance is not supported financially by the NHS, but funded by the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust. Tasked approximately 2-3 times a day, the ambulance is most commonly called out to patients with serious illness or injury, caused by incidents such as road traffic accidents, falls from a height, heart attacks, stabbings, cardiac arrests and strokes.

We were inspired by the team’s passion and drive, as well as their calm resolve under pressure. While we were visiting the base a call came in and their route was carefully plotted before the pilot, paramedic and doctor set off.

The presence of a doctor is quite unique to air ambulances as most ground ambulances will only have paramedics. This enables them to give more specialist care to a patient, stabilising them as much as possible before setting off to the hospital that’s best equipped to deal with their injury.

To date we have raised £1,750 for Herts Air Ambulance and will be organising more fundraising activities throughout the year. To keep track of these, or to donate to this very worthy cause, why not head over to our Just Giving page.