Here at Fishpools we’re fans of pared-back natural style in the home, but there’s no denying that come the winter months we love to add a little glitz and glamour. And we’re not the only ones; from the embellishments adorning this season’s AW fashion lines to Strictly Come Dancing, metallics are everywhere at the moment and interiors are no exception.

Perfect for giving your décor an immediate style upgrade, metallic accents will inject a sophisticated touch whilst also introducing both warmth and texture. From copper, brass and gold to chrome and nickel there’s a glimmering array of gilded finishes to choose from and just as many ways to style them.

Bold tones such as copper or gold are more popular than ever and are a great way to bring cosiness to a room that has a refined look. Pendant lights hung in a group of three make for a stunning centre piece and will glow beautifully when lit. Alternatively, accent accessories such as cushions and vases and are a great way to enhance an existing colour palette.

For a contemporary look that’s super sleek, choose pieces with reflective surfaces such as chrome and mirrored finishes. These will bounce light around the room, giving it a fresh and airy feel.

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