Easter’s a fantastic occasion to catch up with friends and family, giving you the chance to dress up your home with colourful spring decoration, creative crafts and delicious edible treats for everyone to enjoy. However many you’re hosting, this bank holiday is also the perfect excuse to invest in some new pieces for your home! Maybe it’s a new dining table to seat extra guests or pretty tableware and accessories – either way, we’ve got incredible offers in store across our entire range this weekend so why not pop down and take a look?

For us, we love nothing more than adorning tables with trinkets at Easter; baskets or bowls brimming with painted eggs will make a great table display and half the fun is prepping and painting them yourself.

Perfect for craft fans, we’ve put together a fun guide to blowing out and painting your own eggs. Just follow our simple steps below:

You will need:

  • Medium sized raw eggs
  • Needle x 1
  • Cocktail stick  x 1
  • Bowl x 1
  • Straw or syringe x 1

Step 1: Pierce your eggs

Choose a medium sized, raw egg and make two holes at either end using a pin. Use a cocktail stick to make the holes slightly wider and to break up the yolk inside.

Step 2: Blow your eggs

You can either blow your eggs using a thin straw or a syringe. One you’ve chosen your implement, insert it into the top of the egg and push the contents out into a clean bowl. You can then use these to make an omelette or scrambled eggs on toast!

Step 3: Rinse your eggs

Place your eggs under cold running water and use your straw or syringe to blow out any remaining yolk.

Step 4: Dry your eggs ready for painting

Placing your eggs in the microwave for 15-30 seconds will bake them and make the shells slightly stronger.

Step 5: Paint your eggs

Now’s the fun bit – painting! Use bright spring colours, rich patterns and for a glamorous touch experiment with a little gold leaf. Once your eggs are dry, place in a basket or bowl lined with tissue paper or straw and they’re bound to impress.

If you’re planning on painting eggs this weekend, tweet us a picture of your colourful creations to @FishpoolsUK

Happy Easter!

{image from: http://mypoppet.com.au}