A home without accessories is a home with something missing – you don’t have to collect clutter or cram every surface with knick knacks, but even the most minimalist interior benefits from a few finishing touches.

Fishpools has a growing collection of gorgeous accessories to suit every taste.

Start with the basics – every home needs at least one clock. We all lead busy lives and it’s beneficial to have a clock in our line of viewing most of the time.

Newgate Clocks with their classic looks and traditional style really stand the test of time – we particularly like the Barbican, a station style clock which comes in two sizes and three finishes, chrome, black and weathered.

For something a little more modern, the Leff Amsterdam clock grey scope 45 is a futuristic clock which offers a different perspective on time. Based on the interplay between light and darkness, the twelve segments of this clever little clock give you a new angle every time.

Some people find the sound of a ticking clock soothing, for others it’s intensely irritating. If you know you can’t concentrate or indeed sleep with a ticking clock, don’t have them anywhere you need to switch off and confine them to offices and living rooms.

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that makes the biggest difference and the atmosphere of a room can be dramatically altered by a fragrance. Lily-Flame candles and diffusers infuse your rooms with a wide range of evocative scents from the fruity citrus notes of mango to the delicate blend of fairy dust. Whatever your mood, Lily-Flame has a fragrance to match.

Fresh flowers are another good way of adding fragrance and colour to a room, but if you want blooms without the bother, our stunning faux floral arrangements are a joy to behold – the pink blossom in plum vase is ideal for adding splash of seasonal colour to any surface.

And when it comes to decorative pieces look no further than Lladro.

The masters of collectable figures, Lladro mix traditional Venecian techniques with contemporary colours and styles to create delicate figurines which are ideal as gifts or part of a treasured collection.

Alternatively you could give a home to one of our beautiful Broadway Belles – chic art deco ladies, intricately painted to produce figures with a real sense of character and fun.

Finally display your favourite photos with this ‘memories are made of this wall mount’. Great days out, trips of a lifetime or proud achievements – however your memories were made, share them with the world and keep them alive with this fab frame.

Fishpools is located on the High Street in Waltham Cross and boasts 200 room sets for bedroom, dining rooms and living rooms along with home accessories, gifts and cook and dine departments and a pictures and mirrors gallery; so you’re bound to find inspiration. Plus there’s a great in-store coffee shop and ample customer parking.

For more ideas visit Fishpools, or look online at www.fishpools.co.uk where you can now browse and buy from the comfort of your own home.