Mirrors have long been associated with vanity and preening – we are brought up with stories such as Snow White and the dangers of becoming too absorbed with our own reflection – but they are also a valuable tool for interior design.

Glass mirrors are referenced as early as the 10th Century, when Spain and Italy were the biggest producers, while metal mirrors were perfected in the 19th Century by German chemistry professor Justus von Liebig but were expensive so not commonly used until the 20th Century.

Formally a symbol of wealth and decadence, mirrors are now an essential item in the home.

Mirrors are supposed to show you a true reflection but they actually more often than not present a pleasant illusion and can be used to trick the eye into seeing large open space and rooms filled with light.

This is because mirrors naturally reflect the light and reflect the room back to you, so you effectively see the space doubled.

Mirrors can be used in every room to achieve a variety of looks. But of course you need the appropriate mirror for each room.

A large mirror over a mantelpiece of fireplace creates a real feature, while a long vertical mirror such as the Manhattan in a black frame is ideal for hanging in your hallway for those final outfit checks before you leave the house.

Speaking of full length mirrors, you also need one of those in your bedroom – to avoid those awkward ‘standing on the bed’ attempts to see the bottom half of your ensemble.

A Cheval mirror such as the beautiful Orchard crafted in distinctive fruitwood, provides a full length view and looks gorgeous in any bedroom. Matching bedroom furniture is also available for a stylish and coordinated look.

Alternatively, the white painted Amour Cheval offers a softer more romantic look and is mounted on its own frame, allowing you to tilt it to the most flattering angle.


Dressing table mirrors often come in triplicate, giving you three reflections on which to focus as you apply make-up or style your hair. The Lace is a pretty white vanity mirror which would grace any dressing table, while the Canada gives a cleaner effect.

But if you don’t have a dressing table, the Montpelier dressing mirror will give you a similar look in a smaller space.

And, of course, mirrors can be purely decorative.

The Mandarin Crackle mirror with its pewter crackle frame is simply stunning whilst leaving a clean mirror space for practical use. We also love the striking geometric square design of the Medusa.

Quirky mirrors such as the Relax word mirrors and the set of three Heart mirrors  at Fishpools are a fun twist on the classic shape and look of the mirror, and are a great alternative to more traditional wall art.

As a water element, mirrors are also good for Feng Shui.

Mirrors in the east promote good health and family life, while southeast-facing mirrors generate wealth and abundance and north-facing will enhance your career and general path in life.

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