Sublimely opulent and impeccably comfortable, the Blenheim seating range strikes an elegant chord in both style and substance. Its classic good looks make it an ideal addition to any interior, with different sofa sizes and a co-ordinating chair design to complete your collection and suit your space.

Its exceptional comfort and spacious seating don’t come at the compromise of stunning good looks either. The detail on the scrolled arms, distinctive buttons and elegant coloured leather and plush velvet finishes ensure that the Blenheim effortlessly captures attention in any room.

Blenheim - 2.5 Seat Sofa In VelvetBlenheim - 2.5 Seat Sofa In Velvet
Moonshine 0840Smoke 0804Rose 0834
£1049.00 was £1329.00
Blenheim - 2 Seat Sofa In VelvetBlenheim - 2 Seat Sofa In Velvet
Moonshine 0840Rose 0834Pewter 0820
£999.00 was £1255.00

Blenheim - Chair In VelvetBlenheim - Chair In Velvet
Rose 0834Pewter 0820Peacock 0827
£679.00 was £855.00