The sophisticated look of our Bianco collection is sure to bring a touch of class to any bedroom. Featuring sleek and convenient storage solutions including wardrobes and chests of drawers, this range comes in a selection of finishes; including Alpine White, Sanremo light oak, Silk grey, Graphite and High polish white, each helping to bring glamour and style to your bedroom. 

Bianco - 271cm Gliding Door Wardrobe 5H72Bianco - 271cm Gliding Door Wardrobe 5H72 NEW
Bianco - 226cm Gliding Door Wardrobe 5H69Bianco - 226cm Gliding Door Wardrobe 5H69 NEW

Bianco - 181cm Gliding Door Wardrobe 5H68Bianco - 181cm Gliding Door Wardrobe 5H68 NEW

Bianco - 137cm Gliding Door Wardrobe 5H67Bianco - 137cm Gliding Door Wardrobe 5H67 NEW

Bianco - 80cm 6 Drawers Chest 7H33Bianco - 80cm 6 Drawers Chest 7H33 NEW
£459.00 was £659.00
Bianco - 80cm 5 Drawers Chest 6H27Bianco - 80cm 5 Drawers Chest 6H27 NEW
£359.00 was £515.00

Bianco - 40cm 6 Drawers Chest 7H32Bianco - 40cm 6 Drawers Chest 7H32 NEW
£339.00 was £485.00
Bianco - 80cm 4 Drawers Chest 6H26Bianco - 80cm 4 Drawers Chest 6H26 NEW
£319.00 was £459.00

Bianco - 40cm 4 Drawers Bedside Table 6H25Bianco - 40cm 4 Drawers Bedside Table 6H25 NEW

Bianco - 40cm 3 Drawers Bedside Table 6H17Bianco - 40cm 3 Drawers Bedside Table 6H17 NEW