The distinctive and delightfully spacious Bali table stands out as a showpiece of your dining space while bolstering everything around it. Utilising characterful reclaimed timbers and crafting them into a refectory styling, this is a design that is both environmentally friendly and wonderfully unique. A black metal bar supports the cross legs to ensure longevity and add a touch of industrial charm.

As no two pieces in this range are ever the same, we’re unable to offer the Bali for sale via our online store. Instead, you can visit our showroom to choose the exact piece you want and enjoy the exclusivity of this delightful dining statement.

300cm Dining Table - Bali300cm Dining Table - Bali IN STOCK
£1399.00 was £1,869.00
240cm Dining Table - Bali240cm Dining Table - Bali IN STOCK
£1299.00 was £1,749.00

150cm Ø Boatwood Table - Bali150cm Ø Boatwood Table - Bali IN STOCK
from £999.00 was £1,539.00

Open Unit - RockOpen Unit - Rock IN STOCK
£699.00 was £939.00

Coffee Table - BaliCoffee Table - Bali IN STOCK
from £499.00 was £749.00
Faux Leather Armchair - Abbey IN STOCK
£199.00 was £295.00

Velvet Dining Chair - JuraVelvet Dining Chair - Jura IN STOCK
£129.00 was £185.00