Faux Plants

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Berry Spray IN STOCK
£4.99 was £8.00
Berry Spray Black IN STOCK
£9.99 was £15.00

Calla Lily Leaf IN STOCK
£2.50 was £5.00

Dahlia Large Burgundy IN STOCK
£9.99 was £15.00

Dandelion Spray Cream IN STOCK
£6.99 was £10.00
Dusky Red Natural Reed StemDusky Red Natural Reed Stem IN STOCK
£6.99 was £10.00

Hanging String Of Senecio IN STOCK
£6.99 was £10.00
Larkspur Blossom Cream IN STOCK
£6.99 was £10.00

Lily Spray Pink IN STOCK
£9.99 was £15.00

Metallic Gold Large Potted Fern Plant IN STOCK
Ornamental Hanging Vine IN STOCK
£4.50 was £7.00

Pampas Grass Spray Brown IN STOCK
£14.99 was £25.00
Platanus Spray Green
£5.99 was £9.00

Protea Pincushion Burgundy IN STOCK
£4.99 was £7.00

Spanish Moss Tilandsia Plant in Pot IN STOCK

Succulent Arrangement with Grey Cement Bowl IN STOCK
Butter Portland Rose IN STOCK
£9.50 was £14.00

Dusty Pink Spray Rose Peony IN STOCK
£9.50 was £14.00
Eryngium Blue Thistle IN STOCK
£7.50 was £12.00

Eucalyptus Spray IN STOCK
£8.50 was £13.00

Green Peony IN STOCK
£5.99 was £9.00

Orange Stargazer Spray IN STOCK
£13.99 was £21.00

Pale Pink Classic Hydrangea IN STOCK
£8.50 was £13.00
Pink Allium IN STOCK
£6.99 was £11.00

Pistach Bunch
£9.99 was £16.00

Spiky Faux Stem White/Glitter 80cmSpiky Faux Stem White/Glitter 80cm IN STOCK

White Spray 87cmWhite Spray 87cm NEW
£13.99 was £21.00
White Tall Orchid
£219.00 was £328.00

Gladiola Faux Leaves Grey/Glitter 110cmGladiola Faux Leaves Grey/Glitter 110cm IN STOCK
Draghair Creeper Bundles 170cmDraghair Creeper Bundles 170cm IN STOCK

Spiky Faux Stem Grey/Gliter 80cmSpiky Faux Stem Grey/Gliter 80cm IN STOCK

Pampas Grass White XLPampas Grass White XL IN STOCK
£19.99 was £35.00
Gladiola Faux Leaves White/Glitter 110cmGladiola Faux Leaves White/Glitter 110cm IN STOCK

Aloe in Cement Pot 30cm IN STOCK
£14.99 was £20.00
Aloe with Roots Green IN STOCK
£4.99 was £10.00

Orange - Bird Of Paradise Stem IN STOCK

Boston Fern in Pot 56cm IN STOCK
£29.99 was £45.00

Bromelaid Plant Green IN STOCK
£49.99 was £80.00
Bunny Faux Tail Grass Grey/Glitter 125cmBunny Faux Tail Grass Grey/Glitter 125cm IN STOCK

Bunny Faux Tail Grass White/Glitter 125cmBunny Faux Tail Grass White/Glitter 125cm IN STOCK
Cactus In Cement Pot Tall IN STOCK
£59.00 was £85.00

Cactus San Pedro IN STOCK
£21.99 was £35.00

Calathea Plant
£39.00 was £60.00

Crassula with Ceramic PotCrassula with Ceramic Pot
£24.99 was £40.00
Dogtail Grass in Metal Pot IN STOCK
£16.99 was £27.00