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Quality pillows are essential for a good night’s sleep, proper neck and lumbar support, and creating a comfortable and inviting bedroom environment. We offer a wide selection of the best quality pillows, including unique and innovative options to improve your comfort.

Browse our collection and choose from pillows made of materials like memory foam, feathers and down, anti-allergy fibre, latex and more. They are also available in many different sizes, from standard and continental to custom sizes that correspond to the size of your bed. Stock up on pillows from Fishpools and ensure that your next night’s sleep is your best one yet.

Comfort Pillow Cloud - TempurComfort Pillow Cloud - Tempur IN STOCK
£85.00 was £130.00
Comfort Pillow Original - TempurComfort Pillow Original - Tempur IN STOCK
£85.00 was £130.00

Original Pillow Queen X-Large - Tempur IN STOCK

Original Pillow Queen Large - Tempur IN STOCK

Original Pillow Queen Medium - Tempur IN STOCK
Nimbus Softened Duck Feather Pillow Pair Save 40%

Fine Bedding Luna Pillow IN STOCK
£15.00 was £30.00
Emma PillowEmma Pillow IN STOCK
£79.00 was £105.00

Princess Goose Down Pillow
£115.00 was £250.00

Neuhaus Latex Wrap Pillow
£35.00 was £65.00
Goose Down Surround PillowGoose Down Surround Pillow
£49.00 was £100.00

Fine Bedding Breathe Pillow IN STOCK
£25.00 was £35.00

Fine Bedding Perfect Pillow PairFine Bedding Perfect Pillow Pair IN STOCK

White Duck Feather & Down King Pillow IN STOCK
Dreamworld Walled Pillow IN STOCK
£21.00 was £42.00

Fine Bedding Spundown Pillow
£21.99 was £32.00
European Goose Down Pillow King IN STOCK
£110.00 was £195.00

Duck Down Surround PillowDuck Down Surround Pillow
£45.00 was £90.00

Cool Gel Memory Foam PillowCool Gel Memory Foam Pillow IN STOCK
£40.00 was £50.00
Smart Temperature PillowSmart Temperature Pillow IN STOCK
£25.00 was £27.00

DanaDream Memory Foam Support PillowDanaDream Memory Foam Support Pillow IN STOCK

White Duck Feather & Down Square Pillow IN STOCK

Fine Bedding Spundown Pillow King IN STOCK

Travel Set - Tempur EXPRESS DELIVERY
£409.00 was £589.00