Recycle, Reduce & Renew

We’re committed to our environment and we strive to balance delivering the best quality furniture and accessories with sustainability, ethical production, recycling and a focus on low emissions and energy efficiency.


We don't like seeing our waste go to waste. Here at Fishpools we are now recycling approx 90% of our product disposals for recycling, an average of a 40 ft container per week. That’s equivalent to 149,760 cubic feet of furniture which is not going to landfill. An average living room in the UK is approximately 1,440 cubic feet, so that’s a lot of recycling!

We recycle approximately 40 tonne of cardboard per year, plus we bale and recycle plastic when we have sufficient volumes.


We drive a lot of miles delivering all our lovely furniture and we’re doing our bit to reduce our emissions. All of our vehicles are compliant with the London Low Emissions Zone requirements

All our smart new delivery vehicles comply with the EU Euro5 directive and being lighter vehicles they use less fuel and emit less CO2, saving the environment and money.

We are currently upgrading the lighting in our store and warehouse, a huge job! As they wear out, we have selected replacement lights which have a significantly lower energy usage then those they replace.


We only work with suppliers who share our passion for design, quality and service.

All of our wood is responsibly sourced. We never use illegally felled word or wood from endangered species of trees. All of our manufacturers provide a healthy working environment for their staff and operate to high safety standards.

We inspect the factory of every major supplier we use, every year.