Relyon Fishpools 1400 - 120 X 190cm Mattress

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Relyon Fishpools 1400 - 120 X 190cm Mattress
Description - Dimensions - Features
 <p>The Relyon Fishpools 1400 120 X 190cm Mattress features 1400 pocket springs, 2 rows of hand side stitching, lambswool, hair and cotton upholstery.</p> <p><strong>Availability</strong></p> <p>This Item is made to order.</p> <p><strong>Dimensions</strong></p> <p>Width: 120cm<br />Depth: 190cm<br />Height: 22cm</p> <p><strong>Features</strong></p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1620.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> Single layer of independently Pocketed springs - are sewn into hard wearing pockets and centre tied with linen cord allowing individual movement for each spring. Spring Count: 150x200cm 1400 - The springs shape to the body providing superb resilience and optimum comfort and support for a good night&rsquo;s sleep.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1619.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> Mattress Tension - Available in Medium Tension only.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1623.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> Turning Instructions - This mattress requires turning once a week for the first 3 months and then every month thereafter.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1615.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> Anti Allergenic Layer - This soft and resilient layer prevents the dust mite and other allergens from living in the mattress and is therefore an ideal upholstery for allergy sufferers.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1624.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> White Cotton Felt - White cotton felt is natural and truly soft for the best possible feel. It is often used as a surface filling so it therefore has a fire retardency treatment for your safety.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1617.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> Lambswool Layer - Lambswool is a natural insulator, which provides warmth in the winter and keeps you cool in the summer. It also contains excellent properties that allow body moisture to evaporate and offers luxurious and sumptuous support.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1625.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> Traditional Hair - Provides loft and resilience allowing the mattress to breathe and giving true luxurious feel.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1616.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> 2 Rows of Hand-Stitched Sides - Prolongs the life of the mattress, providing support to the mattress walls, extending the sleeping area right to the edge of the mattress.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1618.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> Upholstered Mattress Handles - Handles are attached with a layer of flag stitching for strength so that the mattress can be turned and rotated easily.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1622.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> Traditionally Hand Tufted at Regular Intervals with Felt tufts - All Upholstery fillings are evenly spread and held in place with strong tufts for durability.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1621.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> Highest Quality Ticking - Beautiful highest quality ticking which is intrinsically soft, colourfast, breathable and fire retardant.</p> <p><img src="/userfiles/image/relyon/1614.jpg" alt="" width="30" height="30" /> 5 Year Guarantee - For your peace of mind, Relyon offers a 5 year guarantee on all mattresses purchased with a divan base.</p>  <p>Alternative sizes available please see below</p> <p>All screens vary in colour reproduction and whilst every effort has been made to display the colour as accurately as possible it is for guidance only.</p>     
Bed/Mattress Guidance

It is very important that you understand the normal characteristics of your new bed/mattress and how these features may present themselves after delivery.  Following these care instructions will prolong the life of your purchase.

On receiving your new bed/mattress carefully remove all packaging and allow it to breathe for four hours before fitting bedding.  This will allow any moisture that may have been trapped by transit packaging to evaporate and the aroma of newness to subside. The newness smell is very normal and will soon fade if aired regularly.  Do not be concerned should your mattress appear to be shorter than its divan. This is due to the springs and fillings contracting during transit and storage.  Once in use it will gradually return to its correct size.
Your new mattress may seem a little strange at first, but the chances are the springs/upholstery in your old one are not what they used to be, so allow some time for your body to adjust to your new mattress and for the fillings to settle.

Fishpools’ mattresses have generous layers of upholstery and areas where body weight is concentrated will compress as the materials bed themselves down.  This can give rise to ‘body impressions’, which are perfectly normal and should not cause concern.  Turning the mattress will minimise natural settlement but not eliminate it completely.  Settlement is quite normal and should be expected, this includes memory foam mattresses.  Remember to turn your mattress over as well as end-to-end.  NB ‘no turn’ mattresses still require rotating from end to end only.

Some Useful Dos and Don’ts

We recommend weekly for the first three months and monthly thereafter

This will help upholstery recovery and moister to disperse

To protect your investment and increase the mattress life.

This could distort the spring unit.

This can reduce the lifespan of the mattress

This may rot the stitching and fabric


About Relyon

Renowned for creating the best beds in the world, Relyon have a reputation that has been earned and protected for over 150 years. They not only make the most comfortable beds - they create years of wonderful, restful sleep for every customer. 

Relyon invests time and craftsmanship in every bed that carries the Relyon name - each one a tribute to their high standards. Their reputation for excellence of quality and design extends way beyond traditional divan beds to encompass all their product ranges including mattresses, guest beds, metal, wooden & leather bedsteads and headboards.

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